Latest News: Global Advocacy

"You don't have rights if you are not present," is the rallying call of a new campaign headed by IGLHRC's Istanbul-based partners at SPoD LGBTI. With the campaign, advocates hope to encourage active participation of LGBTI people in decision- and policy-making processes in advance of the country's general election in June 2015.
The appointment of Randy Berry as a special diplomatic envoy brings to a pinnacle the historic trend, first put in motion by the 2011 Presidential Memorandum, of integrating the rights of LGBT people into U.S. foreign policy. Having long advocated for this step forward, we at the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission celebrate its arrival and congratulate Mr. Berry on his new role.
A ruling by the Constitutional Court of Colombia has limited the rights of same-sex couples to consensual adoption, which IGLHRC said deprives adopted children in such families of basic rights and blocks adoptions by same-sex couples.
Join IGLHRC and a multi-sectoral coalition of marginalized groups in the Philippines in our campaign “Stop The Discrimination”, urging the Philippines Congress to protect lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) people, indigenous peoples, persons with disability, persons living with HIV, religious minorities, young people and old people from discrimination and exclusion.