Latest News: Global Advocacy

President Barack Obama must back up his rhetoric on global LGBT rights by raising concerns directly with African trading partners about entrenched violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity.
“Throughout the committee’s dialogue with the Chilean government, it was clear that LGBTI issues are not a fringe concern,” said Marianne Møllmann, Director of Programs at IGLHRC. “Until our rights are fully protected, Chile’s human rights record will remain blemished.”
The United Nations’ independent expert committee on women’s rights should spell out state obligations to protect lesbians, bisexual and intersex women and girls, and trans people (LBTI people) in education, ILGA and IGLHRC said today.
Announcing the first-ever regional study on violence against LBT people in Asia. Conducted over a two-year period by women’s rights, sexuality rights and gender rights activists based in Japan, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines and Sri Lanka, the report documents the daily violence, exclusion and discrimination that LBT people in Asia experience and is a tool for advocating to end this violence.