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As we honor the 16th annual Transgender Day of Remembrance today, we are reminded once again of the extreme vulnerability of trans people, especially trans women, around the world—who are targeted for murder because of who they are or the way they express their gender.
Long a persecuted group, LGBT Iraqis experience high levels of violence that is based on the stigma Iraq society places on differences in sexual orientation and gender expression, and a broad intolerance of those differences. LGBT individuals, if exposed, face unspeakable violence—from within their own families, from their tribes and from the larger community.
Human rights organizations today celebrated growing support for the recognition that governments must investigate and prosecute those responsible for extrajudicial, summary, and arbitrary executions, no matter what group is a target.
"Today's ruling sets a critical precedent for recognizing and affirming the human rights—and lives—of trans women in Malaysia," said Grace Poore, regional program coordinator for Asia at IGLHRC. "Long the subject of state-sanctioned violence and persecution, trans Malaysians now have a ruling that recognizes the federal constitution supersedes local laws, particularly when these laws blatantly contravene the protections enshrined in the constitution."